La Baronne Bleue


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Jazz songs noble and crazy!

The Blue Baroness has five heads, five voices, whether instrumental or vocal, as many timbres, languages and sound universes.

Free from a classical orchestration combining rhythm section and melodic instruments, The Blue Baronne is distinguished by an interlacing of voices from which a melody can arise at any moment.

Led by the guitarist and composer Fabien Ewenczyk, this quintet elegant and crazy offers an original music that does not care about labels, oscillating between different aesthetics (jazz, improvised music, contemporary music) and emphasizing unequal temperaments.

A record in which writing and improvisation are intimately linked, carried by a beautiful collective energy.

Baroness Baroude, escapes, heats up and then remembers. Remember that she comes from jazz and she has always been blue.


Chloé Cailleton : singing
Fabien Exenczyk : guitars, compositions
Pascal Vandenbulcke : flutes
Stéphane Oster : cello
Gabor Turi : drums


01. Folkish you 1 (2'01)

02. Folkish you 2 (3'32)

03. The twin (3'35)

04. He gatto 1 (4'09)

05. He gatto 2 (3'41)

06. Breeze (3'02)

07. Squall (5'08)

08. Bargaining waltz (7'23)

09. The little drone (7'09)

Total Time: 39'44 "


Recording and mixing the Studio Box Corner by Olivier Ménard in February 2017

mastering the LAKANAL STUDIO in Montpellier in september 2017

graphics the cover by Andres Restrepo

Teaser by Madéo (Christophe Herrou)


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